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Welcome Aboard

Hello A-Team:

Welcome to the Fall 2016 Semester !!!!  To the right, you will find all the syllabi for my fall 2016 courses.  Download, Print and read your needs.  Sometimes there is more than one item to download and print.  Check the download and link pages.    I will meet you all in class.   I don’t write to the blog weekly, anymore.  Time is the issue.  I write when there is something that you need to know.  So it is a good idea to subscribe to the blog.   It’s easy.  Just add your email address to the box on the right.

Note to my Summer 2016 Sew Like a Pro Fussy Cutting Course:  I tried to contact Simon Helberg concerning our plaid shirts.  CBS got the email.  I don’t know if he got the email.  I tried.

Here are some interesting links and things to ponder as we begin our educational journey together.   Thank you, Maureen for this interesting article concerning why clothes are not selling because of poor construction, bad fit, and not up to style.  This is a fabulous site from Maureen, where you can get sewing supplies and equipment at reasonable prices.

If anyone has a sewing/patternmaking idea for the blog, see me in class.  Maybe, you can be a guest blogger.

Center for Pattern Design is a terrific site for Patternmakers.  Check it out.  The following is from one of there blogs.

Re-Invention — The New DI’s

Seems like much is breaking up and being re-invented — housing, transportation, communication, business, working and us, too. So we’re looking for new common denominators. It’s time to identify new “dominant ideals”, key pieces of the zeitgeist. DI’s are attitudes and trends which don’t just appear three times in one arena to be declared official but simultaneously in divergent arenas — they become that which we take for granted. For instance, the minimalist thing. Clean communication on small screens has led to the cleaning away of anything extraneous, anywhere — minimal design now a mindset. Re-invention is brewing — some of the indicators:

A possible female President. This would mean a renewed attention to dressing and it’s meaning, less reliance on old luxury label loyalty. Non-verbal communication will include clothes more — they are armor and they telegraph the punch. The DI: Custom cut power jackets — and custom cut boardroom clout to go with. Keyword now: Custom. Proof:  The New Age of Power Dressing and Why the Pantsuit?


To press the point, check The Suit That Couldn’t Be Copied and look very carefully at what custom clothes can deliver for a man — works even better for women, more to work with. One word: competition. It is fierce and clothes are a tool. See book review below.

New Ethnics.

The emergence of developing countries and free trade means more textile related primary skills go to market. Africa’s growing fashion scene is an example, which coupled with Black Lives Matter here, will change the RTW mix. The DI: Ethnic cuts and patterns, textile based design. Africa Fashion Week, London, Sept. 9/10, 2016.

Authenticity. Greater demand for authentically usable clothes means swimsuits you can swim in — Feetz,  shoes you can walk in.When the practical seems novel, you know fashion-as-theater has met the wall. The DI: The Sensible Look. Constructed. Serviceable, Long lasting and even Military.

Less stigma. More adaptive clothing, called ‘health wear’, driven by those aging-still-working types and the Internet’s niche markets for very personal needs. The DI: Dignity for more people. See: Magna Ready and Care & Wear.

Living things. Greater understanding ofhuman consequences to living things means more conscientious choices for animals, plants, water, air — and other people. The DI: Knowing who or what paid for your clothes — and how much. (The tiny fleece fibers on the left and other synthetics are in the ocean — fish ingest them and perish.)

Aging Millennials. They are, you know. They are the new dominant demographic so make way and cheer them on! Their DI: They’re smarter, less pretentious and more careful than you think. Lessons have been learned.

Be Safe,