Joan McKenna’s Monday Night Class is canceled.

Dear A-Team:

I am canceling class Monday night. The zicam just is not working. I am getting worse. I am afraid I will give this cold to my students. I am going to stay home and sleep this off on Monday.

Niche: This means that you will have 2 quizzes on Monday, October 24th.

Embroidery: This means that you will be stitching out in room 209 on Wednesday, October 19th.

Portfolio: Remember to bring your pattern: Simplicity 3776 to class. We will be talking about the guide sheets on Tuesday night. I will also remember to bring my sunburst pleated dress. We will also be making a back neckline. You will learn about understitching and practice the main uses of stay stitching and clipping.

Someone has a Pfaff 1171 for sale. Contact Jimmy @ El Cajon Sew and Vac. 987 Broadway, El Cajon, CA 92021

I will not be writing an A-Team email next weekend. I will not be home.

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Joan McKenna

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Pertinent Information 2

Dear A-Team:

Thank you very much for responding to my open enrollment call last week !!!! I am just thrilled to announce I have 9 new students. Thank you very very much.

I also want you to know that I have figured out the needs list for our upcoming Sewing Fundamentals: Tote Bag Course that will start on November 8th. Of course, I didn’t have time to finish the syllabi, but I will put it on the blog, when I do. (I need to tone down my photocopying, so I will not be giving out copies of the syllabus. You will have to print from the pdf file on the blog) I want to call about the specialty zipper that we need and I want to price out a wonderful product called: Timtex. This heavy weight product is just what we need for the tote bag side walls. I just don’t know where we can get this in San Diego. If any of you have bought this product, before, let me know where you got it. (You can definitely buy it on the net.)

Supply needs for the Sewing Tote Bag Course:

Simplicity Pattern 3776

1 yard (20 inches wide)Timtex

2 ½ yards (44 inches wide) Quilted Fabric

2 ½ yards (45 inches wide) Medium weight Poly-cotton Fabric for the Lining

4 packages (2 ½ yards each) Maxi Piping

1 48 inch luggage zipper (I have one to show you in class)

OR….. 2 24 inch heavy weight zippers with closed ends (Nylon or Metal. NOT Plastic)

8 gallon size Ziploc baggies

Dual Duty all purpose thread to match the project

½ yard (2 inches wide) Velcro (optional)

Can you believe that this course is starting in a month???? Special thanks goes out to Diana who tried to get me to write up the A-Team email early to tell you about the Joanne’s sale on Simplicity Patterns.

In the courses:

Embroidery/Niche Marketing

The embroidery course has stitchout out Mondays. On Wednesdays, we are in the computer lab massaging our designs to be stitched out the following Monday. We are moving along as a fast rate. Last week, we massaged the rabbit and the rat. Everyone is easily picking up the Embird skills. I know, once you are finished with the stitchouts, and the Chinese hanging, you will need a second project. So as discussed, it will be bookmarks. This is NOT a push. Let’s finish one project at a time. I have the stuffing for the Chinese Zodiacs. Swan has stuffed several. They are really really cute. I will be bringing in yarn that is fine enough for the tails. This stuff is better than the DMC thread that I originally thought we should use. I also have some heavy thread so you can string your zodiacs. I have enough yarn and thread to share with the entire embroidery class.

Mondays is quiz day on our reading for Niche Marketing. Wednesdays is work day on the computers in the computer lab. You should be working on your first ad campaign and the marketing plan. Don’t leave these things till the end. The thinking that needs to go into them to WOW your niche audience to buy your product or service needs a great deal of thought. Our text: New Rules teaches us to have appealing content for your audience. Red Fire Branding discussed what’s in a name this week. I laughed and laughed as I read it.

Last week, in the Portfolio course, we learned all about Elastic, Sleeve Caps, and Serger Stitches. This week we will learn how to handle darts, and pleats. Each week, is now building on the skills you learned the previous week. You will be ready to learn to read and understand a commercial pattern by November 8th.

Thank you all for supporting my courses.

Now for some great links:

It is painfully obvious to me that no one received this A-Team email. The message I received back was that it was all blocked. I am thinking that it was all the links. So I encourage you, to go to the blog to see this. I had put in a LinkedIn message with many discussions and job offerings. God Willing….the message will have posted there.

See you all this coming week !!!!!

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Joan McKenna

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Open Enrollment

Dear A-Team:

If you haven’t come to class this semester, because Life has been getting in the Way – I can help !!!!! I can now open up my classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays for you to come and sew in West City Center’s room 209. I will be able to help you, with your personal projects, from 5 to 6 PM in my Tuesday/Thursday course. Of course, the class is open till 9 PM, so you are welcome to stay for the entire class. You can also borrow one of the school’s home machines to sew on. I do have “Sew Along with Joanie” demos to perform from 6 to 9 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

On Mondays, I teach embroidery. We will be embroidering our zodiac stitch outs. I will be able to whittle down the help list from 5:30 till 8 PM. At 8 PM, I do need to give a quiz and go over the answers. If you choose to come on Mondays…..the class starts at 5:30 PM and goes till 9 PM.

You are welcome to come to any of these 3 classes. On Wednesday nights, I teach in a computer classroom. If you are interested in this class, speak to me personally. Hope to see you all this week !!!!!!!

What’s happening in the courses

Embroidery: Every Monday we stitch out what we edited with Embird on the previous Wednesday. It’s getting easier. You can edit more than one zodiac design in the class period. We did the buffalo and started the rat. I know that some of you, are getting close to needing a second project. We will discuss this in class. I have 2 wonderful projects planned. As a class, we will need to pick one so that I can set it up.

Niche Marketing: In the computer room last week, we had presentations on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook and Blogs. We even had a comparison done !!!!! You can see how important these web sites are to your clients. Public Relations and Marketing done on these sites will definitely help your business because these sites are where your customers and future customers hang out. This coming Monday, you have Quiz #3 at 8 PM. On Wednesday, you need to start the research for your Power Point Marketing Plan. Redesigning 15 slides takes time. Time to get good in the program and time to make the slides authentically your own.

Sew Along with Joanie: Portfolio: Last week, we did progressively harder seams. We learned the slot seam, the classic French seam and the French serged variation seam last Tuesday. This was just too easy. So we also did the curved seam. We learned how to ease and how to staystich. These are two very very important techniques. Last Thursday, we learned how to cord a seam, flat fell a seam and how to inset a corner into a seam. This coming week, we will be learning all about elastic and sleeve caps on Tuesday. On Thursday, we are going to have a great time with the sergers. You will LEARN the variety of seams that these machines can do. It will be great fun.

See you all in class !!!!!

Important Links:

October 15th is Sew Pro’s semi-annual trip to the garment district and M & L Fabrics. They still have some tickets left. It is worth going on the bus for $45. Here is the October ad for Michael Levine’s. Free Pineapple Embroidery Design Free Flower Pot and a CUTE cupcake Design

Check out these Sweater Spats. Such a great idea !!!!

If you have never visited The Spirit of the Cloth…..GO !!!! It is a wonderful place to buy special fabrics. I might not totally agree with her concerning the needles, but we can still be friends !!!! Swadesh… will like this little hole in the wall. Take a friend, walk across the street and explore Old Town !!!!!!


How Important Are Needles?

The most important item in your sewing studio is a needle. Without needles your sewing machine is useless, you can’t even hand sew without a needle. Unfortunately needles are usually the last thing most sewists think about. We buy good fabric, lots of patterns and sewing machines that do everything except cook our dinner but we won’t change a needle. Look at the simple sewing machine image above, what could it do without a needle?

Many of you have heard me say that a sewing machine is only a motor designed to push a needle through the fabric. If you are using the wrong needle or a dull one you are basically shoving a ballpoint pen through your fabric. A dull needle can cause skipped stitches, looping, and snags in your gorgeous fabric.

The primary function of a needle is to make a hole in the fabric for thread slip easily through. You want to consider the kind of fabric you are using when selecting the proper needle for your project. I change my needles with every garment or 4-5 hours of sewing. A new, sharp needle can make the difference between a fabulous outcome or a mess.

Needles come in systems, styles and sizes. Please check your manual for the proper system before buying needle. The next thing to consider is the style of needle you need for your project. I am not a fan of universal needles. Universal needles have a slight ball-point and are not the best choice for wovens, and on finer fabrics a universal needle can cause puckering.

I like jeans needles for wovens. Now don’t gasp! Jeans needles are very sharp and are available in smaller sizes. For your average sewing such as medium weight cottons, linens, rayons, silks and wools I use an 80 jeans needle. For finer fabrics like silk chiffon, cotton voile or crepe I use a 70 jeans needle. Jeans sizes 90 and up are wonderful for canvas, denim, upholstery weight fabrics. Don’t use a size 60/65 unless you are using lingere weight thread as the needle is so thin it makes a smaller hole than the thread and this causes the thread to shear and break.

I use a ball-point for jerseys, interlocks and sewing elastic. I use a stretch needle for two-way stretch, lycra and spandex. The size depends on the weight of the knit, usually a 70 or 80. Sewing elastic with a sharp needle breaks the elastic which causes it to stretch out faster and sag.

I don’t sell needles. I have nothing to gain except a happy sewing friend. When in doubt ask your authorized sewing machine dealer or consult your manual for the correct needle. The best thing you can do for your sewing or quilting is to toss out that old needle and put in a shiny new one that has never been used before.

Happy Sewing!


The shop will be CLOSED

October 1-14

Reopening 11am on Saturday, October 15

Watch your email for for that day!


2802 Juan Street, Suite 15 San Diego, CA 92110



Shop hours

Tuesday – Saturday 11 – 5

Free parking behind shop

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New Week of Learning !!!!!

Dear A-Team:

Can’t believe that the weekend just flew by !!!! I had a grand time at the SD Botanical Gardens. You must see this place if you haven’t. It used to be called Quail Gardens. Somehow the name got changed. The place is still beautiful !!!! Definitely check out the new children’s area. They made a climbing tree out of cement that is exquisite. It is a piece of art. All the kids there were having a ball !!!! You can also have a picnic in this section. Don’t miss the bench under the grape vines. Very secluded !!!!! Wear your walking shoes. There was this bamboo section with many different kinds of bamboo. Unbelievable !!!! The waterfalls were gorgeous. I included a picture of the art scattered around the park and the cement climbing tree. See attached. I hope you had as good a weekend as I did.

As to the courses:

In Niche Marketing we had our first quiz. Last Wednesday, Niche marketers picked the topic for their first presentation this coming Wednesday, September 28th. I still have 3 topics open: Twitter, My Space, and Volkswagen’s Helga. So pick one of these topics and just let me know. You still have time to research before Wednesday. Our second quiz on the reading will be this Monday @ 8 PM.

In Computerized Machine Embroidery, we stitched out our first Chinese zodiac. The horse. Swan even got to start stuffing hers!!! So cute !!!!! Last Wednesday, we manipulated our second zodiac design: The dog. This coming Monday we will stitch this out. Don’t worry about timing and action. In January, you will have time to play catch up. This coming Wednesday, we will be manipulating Chinese Zodiac #3.

In Sewing Fundamentals Portfolio course, we became very familiar with sergers and edge finishes. We practiced with machine, thread and fabric. We learned how to machine baste and how nice it is to have default straight stitching on our machines. Last Wednesday, we seam finishes. We did the clean edge, the bound bias tape edge, the Hong Kong finish, and the pinked edge finish. This coming week, we will practice the slot seam, 2 French seams, the corded seam, the curved seam, the flat felled seam and the inset right hand corner. On Tuesday, I will also give out course evaluations. In this way, you can tell me what needs to be improved. I worry about the students that come only intermittently. They are not getting a complete sewing education. What I teach is the foundation for your skills the rest of your life. Needless to say, I do believe you need to come to class and learn. It will be harder and harder for you to catch up.

Items of Interest: Embroider your own buttons. Recycle sweaters into hats. Anything by Kenneth King is worth checking out. He is innovative. He is outrageous. It is terrific that he will share his ideas.

Hi Joan,

I’m sending a link to a color/style specialist, who lives in the midwest, called Nancy Nix-Rice. This year she is running a series of newsletters covering an assortment of topics on having a closet full of clothes with nothing to wear, they include a couple of articles on organizing a closet. It might be something that some of your other students may be intersted in. On this page there is a link to alll the articles from this year. Thank you Susan for sending this link !!!!!!! Drawstring Placement on Garments.

Job Opportunities from WW LinkedIn.

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Job Opportunities from Fashion and Lifestyle LinkedIn.

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Northern New Jersey Specialty Retail Chain looking for a Buyer/Merchandiser. Experience working for a specialty retailer a plus! Please forward resume to for more details! Like · Comment
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See you all THIS WEEK !!!!!!! Sleep well !!!!!!

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El Cajon Lost Electricity Last Night

Dear A-Team:

I could not get the A-Team email out last night. I apologize for 2 things. One….I couldn’t do it. And Two….this email will be very very short because I want to get to the school early today.

What is happening this week in class:

All: I wrote all the assessments for the classes. I will go over them in class.

Learn to Sew: Bring your cut and marked patterns, and sewing machines on Tuesday !!!! We will be starting to sew. Remember if you missed last Thursday class, I am assuming you are using your own sewing machine. If you are going to use the school’s machines and couldn’t make last Thursday’s class, see me.

Embroidery: Bring your embroidery machines. We will be sewing and stuffing our first zodiac.

Niche Marketing: I am assuming you all received your text books by now. Amazon has them both in stock. Today you need to read the preface and introductions in both texts. Also, read Chapters 14 & 15 in New Rules. There will be a quiz on this at 8 PM. Those of you who want to stitch out, need to come prepared to take the quiz at 8 PM.

It’s a new week. I want to leave you with some lovely thoughts from Mildred:

"May today there be peace within. May you trust that you are exactly where you are meant to be. May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith in yourself and others. May you use the gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you. May you be content with yourself just the way you are. Let this knowledge settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love. It is there for each and every one of us."

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Sewing Prep 101: How to Preshrink & Beyond

Dear A-Team New Sewers and Embroiderers:

The fandango to Clairemont Yardage Town was wonderful. Thank you Michele, the manager of that Yardage Town!!!!! We also had a great time at lunch. I went over the Feely Fabric Samples one more time. You can see this 2 or 3 times and still learn something !!!!

Portfolio Class Updates:

Because we missed a class, I didn’t get a chance to stress enough some sewing prep work points.

If you do not have the text yet, go to and download and read the following for Tuesday, 9/13:

4-104 – Preparing to Sew This will explain Preshrinking. You MUST preshrink your fabrics by Tuesday night’s class. You do NOT have to preshrink your notions. (You do NOT have to do this for the portfolio.) Page 2 goes over grainlines (Commandment 12: Respect Thy Grainlines.) YOU DO HAVETO CUT YOUR PATTERNS OUT ON THE CUTTING LINES FOR TUESDAY’S CLASS.

Also read: 3-110 and 3-111. This will help you understand about pattern markings. I will show you how to transfer the markings on Tuesday with your tailor’s chalk, china marker, tracing paper and tracing wheel.

On the 15th, Thursday, we will be doing TL for the school’s machines for both the straight stitch machines and the sergers. So if you want to learn on your own machine…..this is the day to bring it.

This will also give you the weekend to finish cutting out your patterns. On Tuesday, 9/20, we will begin to sew.

Note to Embroiderers:

You do NOT have to preshrink your fabrics. This was written in your syllabus because I copied all the fandango information from my Portfolio course. You will never be washing your zodiac wall hanging. AND you never ever….preshrink Stabilizers.

Also….I got an email from Master Doug the school’s IT person. He says that it is okay to buy our embroidery designs in room 203. I will explain in class. Thank you Doug !!!!!!!!

Enjoy the rest of your weekend !!!!!!!! See you all next week !!!!!!

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Joan McKenna

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What a Wild First Week of Classes !!!!!

Dear A-Team:

Usually, I send out an A-Team email on Sunday night….(more like early Monday morning.) BUT, this week, I got everyone’s email into the system and I am doing it early !!!!!! I DON’T WANT ANYONE TO FORGET THAT THERE IS A FANDANGO FIELD TRIP TOMORROW MORNING AT 9:30 AM at the Clairmont Yardage Town. The syllabus has the exact address. Bring your syllabus and/or your portfolio instructions to the fandango, so that you know what you need to buy. I will be there to help and make sure you buy the right things…before they cut the fabric…….. After going to Yardage Town – we can go for lunch over at the VIP Oriental Buffet. I want to give a lecture on Stabilizers and Interfacings……. Both…are necessary for sewing today’s fabrics and doing up to the minute techniques.

The week in review and beyond:

Portfolio Class: On Tuesday, Sept 6th……… The first day of class, there is always so much to cover. AND we need to get to know each other. The class decided that the Sew Along With Joanie / Demos will begin at 6 PM. This gives you an hour to get to class from work. Don’t push. Yes, there are things I will be doing from 5 to 6 PM. I will be helping the students who can come early to do their portfolio samples. Those who come in later….will have more to do for homework. You will be able to get help from (Guidelines of Sewing), the text, and usually, I am around on the weekends….. Leave me messages on the phone’s answering machine. I call back…if I don’t hear it ring. I am good till around Midnight….then I don’t know if I will be giving you the best service. My wondrous hubby, Warren, goes to bed then, and I don’t want him to wake up with a ringing phone.

On Thursday…..9/8/11, we had a power outage that paralyzed Southern California. I waited till 5:10 PM to tell students that there will be no class tonight. Then I tried to get home. It took around 2 hours and a lot of patience. Highway 8 was not the problem. It was a two mile stretch with no traffic lights that was frustrating. So I am going to split Thursday’s lesson up between 2 other classes. Trust me, we will have a Serger maintenance class integrated with the Straight Stitch sewing machine maintenance class.

Next Tuesday, 9/13, you will be able to see how I laid out my fabrics and then you will be laying your pre-shrunk fabrics out in the hallway. I suggest that you cut at home. You will be working in pairs. I may have to postpone showing you how you mark dots, darts, etc on your cut fabric patterns. We will see how it goes. I don’t want to do too much in one day.

Embroidery: During Day one….you learned about the semester’s exciting project. Make sure you buy your USB and the embroidery designs this weekend. PRINT your syllabus from the blog. Eventually I will figure out how to get the pictures to come in. For right now……just mouse on over, click, and the PDF will pop up for you to download and/or print. I hope to see you all on the fandango to buy your supplies. If we need to, we can drive on over to Sew Pro’s for things that Yardage Town does not carry. I will have a stabilizer lesson to give during lunch. On Monday, I will show you how to start editing your first zodiac. I will go ALLOT slower than I did last Wednesday. Remember to bring your USB to EVERY class !!!!!

Niche Marketing: Buy your books !!! Here is something to think about this weekend. Think of a current ad campaign that you see on TV, these days, that makes you emote. Here is one that I just can’t stand. I just don’t understand it. They are trying to see me KIA cars. They are using gerbils to do it. The gerbils are cute and very street wise. I have seen 3 or 4 commercials that contain these gerbils doing different things. All I can tell you….I am NOT their customer. I will never buy a KIA car. These commercials do not appeal to me. Decide what DOES appeal to you.

We will talk about this on Monday. We will also decide what internet media you would like to start using: Facebook, LinkedIn, A Blog? How do you want to start getting your name and your product out there……????? Remember to bring your USB to EVERY class !!!!!

The following are a few links for your enjoyment and learning……………….. Expose Thyself to Historical and Technical Sewn Product Inspiration. Commandment #18. Anything by Kenneth King is a MUST read !!!! Bias Belt Loops by Susan

Khalje. She is another author that is a MUST read !!!!! Fun misadventures to read about. How to hang a garment properly is very important.

See you all at the Fandango and in the classes next week !!!!

Make Money with your Skills ! ©


Joan McKenna

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Computerized Machine Embroidery – Sewn Product Niche Marketing + JOBS

Dear A-Team:

So I went to convocation and I never finished this syllabi. This is what I am doing today. It will also be put on the blog. See attached. Print this out in color. I can’t even begin to photocopy this for you. You need to print this out in color. I have lots of yellow highlights and I used different colors to make things stand out. I can’t print 50 copies out on a color printer. I just don’t have the funds. Come to class with your USBs. You will be able to download it from the blog.

Here are some things I forgot to mention in my last A-Team email:

ALL CERTIFICATES from my past classes (2010 onward) ….. will now be given out at the front office desk. On the back of my certificates, I have lightly put the grades. Some of you will be surprised that YOU DID NOT get a certificate. I am an EASY grader….which will be changing….. The one thing that was not easy….or something that I could ignore was the attendance. IF YOU DID NOT attend ¾ of all the hours the course was offered….you did not get a certificate. Period. This is NOT negotiable. AND I wrote this in every evaluation assessment. The only good part of this statement is that all the hours YOU WERE in class count…. So let’s say you had 50 hours from a 108 hour course. These hours will be added to your program and if you have enough hours at the end of your program….you WILL get a Certificate of Completion. You just won’t get the little half size certificate for the course you didn’t get enough hours in. This happened in the summer courses of 2011. Everyone in the Sewing Fundamentals course got the hours added to their program.

I do intend to wear my vest to the first day of class this fall. I hope you all finished your vests during the summer. I didn’t get any calls for help during the summer concerning the vests. I am thankful for the 2 students who did contact me. I welcomed the breaks from working on the computer.

I did NOT receive the theme for the 2012 fair, yet. I still have 3 outfits in my 209 cubbie. I will get the theme and let you know. Next year….I would love to enter…BUT…I cannot do a group entry. I just won’t have the time. I don’t know what is happening to the summer 2012 course schedule. I don’t even know if there will be a summer 2012 semester.

I am now up and running on LinkedIn and Facebook. AND yes, I do have a Sew Along with Joanie website.

I stand corrected: Union bank never heard of using a reverse pin to warn the bank that something is wrong with your account. Thank you for all that wrote in …………..

Go !!! …… Go and see the new Discount Fabrics. At least the parking is a little better than the one in North Park. The fabrics are the same as Yardage Town. (They are owned by the same people.) It’s a great store. There is room to breathe. BUT….YOU WILL NEED TO TELL THEM….THEY NEED TO CARRY PATTERNS…………….

1205 West Morena Blvd.

San Diego

Now when you go to Discount Fabrics… need to go to 1127 (The block before…..South) West Morena Blvd. Go when you are hungry. The name of the place you are going to is:

Bull’s Smokin’ BBQ, Break your diets for this……I had the salmon and cole slaw. It was the corn muffins that got to my bad side…………………… You will NOT regret coming here. And if you have a dog….they feed the dogs water and a bone. I went with my brother’s Shiba Inu puppy. It was the best thing I did all week.

Here is a tip and a job opportunity from Deborah Jones – FAMOUS Embroidery Mentor!!!!!

Dear Embroiderer,
Here’s a useful embroidery tip that I think you will find useful. The new lightweight, super stretchy performance fabrics designed to wick moisture away from your skin are wonderful to wear, but tough to embroider. Outlines drift off-track, fill stitched areas "pooch" and things generally get pushed out of shape. No matter which stabilizer solution we try, nothing seems to be just the right answer. Fusible no-show does a pretty good job, but I have recently become aware of a different approach. The interesting thing is that it’s a really "old school" solution. The mystery answer is woven fabric used as stabilizer. Before we had non-woven stabilizers, we often used lightweight
broadcloth or poplin as stabilizer for stretchy materials. One of my "old school" friends told me he had been using
old bedsheets as stabilizer for these technical fabrics with great results. I checked it out, and guess what – he’s right! As a bonus, it’s a "green" solution, and economical too! Plus, old bedsheets are pre-shrunk. If you use
new woven material, you will want to be sure to pre-shrink.

Job Opportunity
If you live in the Dallas area, there is an embroidery shop in the Rowlett/Garland area that uses Brother PR machines
and needs an employee. If you know this type of equipment, enjoy a fast-paced and creative working environment,
this bright and inviting shop could be a good match for you. Visit the web site here

Apply by e-mail to

See you all in class next week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are jobs I found all over the USA and I even have one for San Diego. Note: These jobs are all listed on LinkedIn. I have NOT checked them all out. I put them here, for you…….if you are looking for a job in this hard economy.

Call Sam from Men’s Fashion Depot. He is on Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego. He has 3 locations. He is offering $8.00 an hour to teach you how to do Men’s Alterations. If you are a quick learner….this could turn into a full time job. Call Sam: 619-726-7775. BE AWARE….YOU ARE WALKING INTO AN ALL MALE ENVIRONMENT.

Looking for a Product Merchandiser!! If you’re interested please contact me or visit our website at: 2 comments »

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Posted by Frances Bojorquez, Senior Recruiter
L’Oreal USA is hiring an Assistant Manager, Sales Training for our Berkeley Heights, NJ office. For more info, please visit L’Oreal USA Career site or contact Johanna Turnbull directly. Comment or flag »

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Make Money with your Skills ! ©


Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

Home Office: 619-588-2244

Fax: 619-579-2278

Fall 2011 Emb-SP3 Syllabus.doc

Sewing Fundamentals Syllabi Attached +

Dear A-Team:

I am excited to send out the first syllabi of the Fall 2011 semester. Tomorrow, I will send out the syllabi for Computerized Embroidery/SewnProducts III. See Attached.

Following are some great things from your fellow students. THANK YOU ALL FOR SENDING THIS ALL TO ME !!!

JOBS FIRST !!!! Don’t forget to look below this !!!!!!

From: Diane Carter []
Sent: Saturday, August 20, 2011 11:18 AM
Subject: Help Needed for San Diego Quilt Show

Hi Joan – Thanks for the help. First of all, as we discussed it is OK to send this email and my email address and phone number. I will be having a booth at the San Diego Quilt show and am looking for help to do demonstrations at the show. The show is being held at the San Diego Convention Center September 8,9 and 10th (Thursday, Friday and Saturday) 10am – 6 pm. We will be demonstrating a glue pen used for foiling and glitter and quilt label stamps. I pay $11 an hour and if anyone is interested they can contact me at the phone number below or at my email. Thank you again.

Diane Carter

WWD Daily LinkedIn:

Job Discussions (6)

Current vacancies in the management field big money receives. Comment or flag »

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Bill sent this utube embroidery technique. Check out the other embroidery videos in the right hand column. THANK YOU BILL !!!!!!!! Tucked Skirt Idea. Cute cute RESCUE DOG FREEBIE IN 3 SIZES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Plus I REALLY like their dark fairy tales embroideries. I’m broke. But I thought I should point these delightful embroideries out for all you embroiderers out there. Don’t forget to cut and paste the instructions for the tea stained book cover !!!! Neat Idea !!!!!

Make Money with your Skills ! ©


Joan McKenna

Associate Professor

Home Office: 619-588-2244

Fax: 619-579-2278

Fall 2011 Early Portfolio Course.doc

Class Etiquette – Fall 2011

As a courtesy to other students and instructors:  Read & Observe Joan McKenna’s Classroom Etiquette

Classroom Behavior

1.  Civilized, pleasant, and cooperative behavior is expected during class.  Any disruptive or hazardous behavior will NOT be tolerated.  Notification will be made through a personal conference or official
notification from the school.  It is prohibited to use cell phones, beepers, cassette players, radios, a Walkman, etc., while in class.

2.  Individuals that want to hold private conversations with other students need to take the conversation outside the classroom so that it will not disrupt the learning of other students.  The instructor will STOP class and ask you to hold your conversation outside.

3.  Faculty members will assign seats when deemed necessary.

4.  Respect the rights of other students, faculty, staff, tutors and their positions.  During lectures and discussions DO NOT ask for or OFFER personal assistance.  There will be NO SEWING MACHINE USAGE during lectures, demos, and discussions.

5.  Be prepared to work in class.  Bring your projects, sewing supplies, notions, notes, pens, text, etc., to each class.  The instructor can NOT be relied upon to supply you with anything.

6.  Be prepared to be an active participant in class discussions and lectures.  Take notes in class.  Jot down what you learned.  This will prove that learning is accumulative.

7.  If you miss a class or a handout, you need to obtain “hard” copies from a classmate.  Many times, the instructor gives handouts electronically.  ALWAYS carry your 2 Gig USB with you.

8.  The instructor truly does have a hearing loss.  Some names will never be pronounced correctly no matter how hard I try.  Ambient noise causes me to disconnect when I answer questions.  (As a flower child of the ’60’s I did really stupid things that caused this to happen.)


9.  Unless stated otherwise in class:  Student attendance AND completed project(s) are required for a Certificate of Participation/Completion in each course OR Program.  Make sure you sign in and out on the Class Attendance Verification Form (CAV).

10.  You may attend classes and NOT receive a certificate or be involved in any program.  In either of the above cases, it is required that you fill out and have on file an intake form if your course calls for one.

11.  Regular attendance is expected in all classes in accordance with the approved class schedule.  Any student absent for three consecutive class meetings may, at the discretion of the instructor, be dropped from the class.  Those students receiving financial aid or Veteran’s benefits must comply with the attendance requirements specific to those programs.  Some instructors may have attendance requirements that are specific to the class or program.  These requirements will be found in the class syllabus.  Students should direct questions regarding class attendance to the instructor at the time they enroll in the class.  Non-fee classes may be closed when student attendance falls below a required level.  Students are urged to be in regular attendance and to assume, through regular attendance, the responsibility for keeping the class in

12.  The California Community Colleges Board of Governors,,  has decided to limit the number of times
a student can retake a class.  For Continuing Education this means that the instructor must accept new students before accepting repeat students if there is room in the class.

TLC for the School’s Machines

13. TLC for the School’s Machines:  There is a wide assortment of home sewing machines, tucked away in Room 216.  Straight stitch:  Bernina, Pfaff & 1 Janome.  Sergers:  Imagine & Bernina, plus one Evolve set to a 3 thread cover stitch.  Dedicated Embroidery machines:  Decos and one Accent.  These machines will be SIGNED OUT to each student, each class period, along with their respective bobbin cases.  Ask the instructor where the SIGN OUT book is kept, if it is NOT next to the Class Attendance Verification Form (CAV).  The faculty and other sewing students expect the machines to be returned to room 216 in good working order when you are finished using the school’s sewing machines.

14.  TLC for ALL Sewing Machines:  ALWAYS carry sewing machines in their carrying cases from room 216 to where you are going to set up.  If you are going to be brining in your own machine to use, buy a carrying case or sewing machine luggage.

15.  TLC for the School’s Machines:  If you suspect that there is something wrong with the sewing machine you signed out, the first thing to do is rethread the machine.  99% of the time, threading is the problem.  If that still does not fix the problem, there are Equipment Repair Orders (EROs) in a pocket in the sign out book.  You will need to talk to the instructor and fill one out.  The machines are all numbered.  The forms are easy and fast to use.  Give the completed form to the instructor.  Do NOT put the broken machine away at the end of class.  NOTE the opposite:  If a machine has an equipment repair order (ERO) taped to it, DO NOT USE THAT MACHINE.

16.  TLC for the School’s Machines:  There will be a class coming up where the care, maintenance and threading of various types sewing machines is covered.  You are ALWAYS welcome to bring your own machine(s) to class to use.  MISSING THIS CLASS, INFORMS THE INSTRUCTOR THAT YOU WILL BE BRINGING YOUR OWN MACHINE TO CLASS TO USE.

17.  TLC for the School’s Machines:  You MUST clean up your workstation and the floor before leaving the classroom.  TLC for the School’s Machines:  The school’s sewing machines MUST BE carried in their cases & put away exactly as you found them in their properly marked spot.  Bobbin cases and extra feet need to be returned to the instructor.  Leaving early is no excuse for NOT doing this.

18.  There are 12 industrial sewing machines in room 209.  You may ONLY use them, if you have a Certificate of Training on file in the classroom.


19.  To insure that you get the help you need:  Please put your name on the whiteboard, in descending order under the word:  Help.

20.  The WCC room 209 computer is NOT for personal use.  In case of personal emergency, please ask
permission to use the computer.  The WCC computer lab computers (room 203) are NOT for personal use.  If there is a waiting list to get into this course, and you just want to come and use the computers to
surf, view your email, or chat on line, you will NOT be welcomed back into class.

21.  Due to the size of Room 209, layouts and cutting are done on the carpet outside the classroom when there are many students.  It is a good idea to get your layout approved by the instructor and then go home and cut on a table.

22.  Joan’s loaned books, DVDs, and videos are due back the following week during class.  No Exceptions!  Please ask and sign out any of these before taking them home.  Example:  If you borrow a book on a Tuesday, the book is due back on Tuesday the next week.

23.  It is a very good idea to label all your personal tools and supplies.  Colored ribbon is a good visual queue but a name permanently inscribed is strongly advised.  This insures that if something is left behind, it can be returned to the proper owner.  This should be done before the item is brought to class.

24.  I have attached my version of the Sewing Commandments, which will help you start, and accomplish a safe and honorable sewing experience.

The Ten Commandments of Sewing

(The first Ten are Too Good to Mess With)

©2011 Joan McKenna

XI  Safety First*

XII  Respect Thy Grainlines

XIII  Seam Lines are Second Chances for Perfect Fit

XIV  Thine Iron is Thy Friend

XV  Listen to Critiques & Opinions, Then Choose Thine Own Path

XVI  Mastery Cometh through Experience

XVII  Mistakes Present Opportunities for Creativity

XVIII  Expose Thyself to Historical & Technical Sewn Product Inspiration

XIX  Size all Patterns with Thy Client’s Name

XX  First  Sewn Product Collections Should be Kept Small & Manageable

SAFETY FIRST*: This instructor would rather yell and have you quickly stop what you are doing, than see you get physically hurt.  I do not want ANYONE to suffer bodily harm in this classroom.