Welcome to Fall 2015

Be Ready to Learn !!!!!

Hello A-Team:

The right hand column is all updated with Fall 2015 information.  Print your needs without scaling or fit to page.  I will meet you the week September 8th with Bells on my Toes !!!!!!  Note:  Normally, I write to the blog, once a week.  Usually on Sunday night.  

In the meantime, Enjoy the links:  Pattern Reading + Starting a Business from different points of view  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8kJx3SiGKtA  Pattern Reading.    

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZHEG8keGbGQ  Pattern Sizing

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RgApFS83pT8  Starting a clothing line with less than $50.  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-2m6JkJvv4w  Business Starting with NO money.  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QOEWPFTIEEI  T-shirt Labels    

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Vel5OetaTOg  Boxes and Mailers for T shirts.  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q7mQtEQCAAI  T-shirt business failure.  

Buying Fabric

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahLjVXde1oA  Buying Fabric

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FrXo4G1wLok  Buying Apparel Fabric   

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7RNHH7bOgzo  Fabric Shopping for beginners.  

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ylz9br4skKc   6500 views.  Fabric Basics.  Great introduction. 

http://go.nationalsewingcircle.com/crochnews/?et_mid=778618&rid=241546762   National Sewing Circle FREE signup!

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The Final Week of Summer

B&W Form & Color Formal
Time for Final Fittings


Hello A-Team:

Thursday is the final day of summer school.  This makes me very very sad.  This will be the last official A-Team email until the Fall semester begins on September 8.  Keep checking back for the new syllabi, patterns, and other updates.  

For the next 3 classes, we will be sewing away on our shirts and pants.  When you are done, by fabric and start another project.  Your choice.  I will be here to help you.  Next Thursday, we will be having a pot luck in the student lounge.  There is a sign up sheet in the classroom.  I will be taking pictures of your completed outfits.  Without those pictures, I can’t prove your grade.  So come dressed to our Pot Luck !!!!!  What fun !!!!!

Pot Luck on Thursday


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Link to Dior and I.  I tried to view this through my television.  It did not buffer right.  Try viewing this on your computer.  And say Thank You to Elo !!!!!!  http://putlocker.tn/dior-and-i/    

3D Printed Clothing on YouTube.  Thank You Jena !!!!  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3s94mIhCyt4      

See you all in class this week !!!!!  



The American Sewing Guild Convention


Hello A-Team: 

This is the first blog post I am writing for the new website.  There is still so MUCH I need to learn.  Note:  Next week, there will be no blog.  I will be at the American Sewing Guild Convention.  This is being held at the Town and Country in Mission Valley.  To go to the exhibit hall, any time it is open this weekend, ONLY costs $5.  Parking is $10 a car.  Check the site for more details: www.asg.org/html/conference.html.   Pack the car with your friends, come and see what is new in the home sewing world !!!!!   

Last week in our summer Sewing Fundamentals course, we learned some amazing things.  There was one complete class on pattern making and sewing pleats, release tucks, and kick pleats.  We learned how to sew patch and inseam inset pockets.  Mastering machine and hand hemming was also taught.  Last Thursday, was zipper class.  There was quite the education on 3 zipper types:  lapped, exposed and invisible.  

This weekend I know, you are all finishing up your portfolios.  They are due during Monday night’s class.  Note that you only need 69 samples out of the 85 that we did.  And the reason why there are so many samples, is that in this class, we did 8 extra samples.  How exciting !!!!  You ALL have learned ALOT !!!!  

During Monday’s class you will be practicing buttonholes on woven and knit fabric while I grade your portfolios.  Tuesday’s class is our Personal Image Class.  Learn about your personal colors and style.  On Wednesday,  we will start anew with our Commercial Pattern second project.  You will learn how to read a pattern guide.  (There is much to say about pattern guides.)  You will use many of the skills you acquired while making your Sewing Techniques Portfolio.  In this way, you get to do all the prep for a second time.  As an instructor, I want to lessons to ‘enter the file cabinets of your mind’….forever !!!!!    

Here is an interesting tidbit from Hungry Girl with links that I think you will enjoy. Hungry Girl is my FAVORITE SITE for diet and health tips.  Check them out !!!!!! http://www.hungry-girl.com/news 

The Buzz…

By now, surely you’ve heard about the new Oreo Thins that have taken the world by storm, but so far the details have been pretty slim (tee-hee!). Here’s the scoop: They come in three flavors — original chocolate, a golden (vanilla) variety, and a chocolate-mint spin — and you get 4 cookies for 140 calories, 6g fat, 95mg sodium, 21g carbs, 0 – <1g fiber, 11 – 12g sugars, and <1 – 1g protein (PointsPlus® value 4*). With regular original Oreos, you get 3 cookies for 160 calories and 7g fat (PointsPlus® value 5*). So if you’re craving sweets and nothing but Oreos will do, these treats are a good option! ***If you’re headed to med school, you might wanna break out your spatula… Tulane University requires med students to take a culinary medicine course, and the University of Chicago just piloted a similar class. Both courses teach students about treating certain diseases with food, and both include hands-on healthy-cooking lessons. Such a great idea, considering how what we eat (and how much of it) can affect our health. ***No time to exercise? If you’ve got 10 minutes, you can burn 100 calories. Click for six quickie workouts from our pals ‘n partners at About.com Health. ***Heard about the impending price increases coming to Starbucks? Don’t fret. The cost of your favorite drinks is only going to increase by about 1 percent — around 5 – 20 cents for most drinks. Just don’t make a habit of this, SB… ***And you know your age (we hope)… but what’s your fitness age? Let researchers from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology tell you with this handy calculator. If you need some inspiration to get moving, take a look at the impressive fitness ages of some Senior Olympians. And that’s all we’ve got. ‘Til next time… Chew the right thing!

See you all in class !!!!        


Fashion Show Update +

wc silk and saffron 2013

Hello A-Team:

Attached please find the 2013 Silk and Saffron Flyer. Print as many as you need. There has been a change in timing. All models need to be at the school by 3 PM on Friday. We will be having a rehearsal. I will keep you informed throughout the week as to further changes.

You just gotta know….in both courses: Drapingand the First Pattern, everyone is hard at work trying to finish their project for the Fashion Show. Don’t push it. Good work takes time !!!!!!

I was at Home Goods in Parkway Plaza last Friday. They had a whole bunch of Martha Stewart tomato keepers for $2.99 each. These keepers are PERFECT for pin cushions. This is a safety issue. By using these containers, little fingers, dogs, cats, etc., cannot accidently swallow a pin or needle.

I want to suggest: if you are thinking of taking my summer course, Working With Asian Garment Patterns, buy the book now. You have a choice of 3 books. They are sold on www.Amazon.com. I do have copies of these books in the classroom. You are welcome to look at mine, before you buy one of your own. You only will need only one of the 3 books. Each book has different patterns in them. We will only have time to make up one pattern. Make SURE you buy your book in English. They do come in both Japanese and in English. http://www.amazon.com/s/ref=nb_sb_ss_c_0_11?url=search-alias%3Dstripbooks&field-keywords=drape%20drape&sprefix=Drape+Drape%2Caps%2C305 Each book is less than $20. All three books were written by Hisako Sato.

Amazing Links:

The Fashion Bookstore located in the California Market Center. www.thefashionbookstore.com This is a great resource !!!!! Check it out !

Free Webinar for embroidering ready to wear clothing: http://bullarddesigns.com/webinar-home/ Looks great to me !!!!

Cute Free Designs. Remember to get the format .pes, if you do not own an embroidery machine, yet. http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=b8tdhpdab&v=001ritck83OfZkvVsQiE3XEfFDcxwdoridms9loLqh-YKS__o4JEEsavU4RrRekst_qWo0W50rOlezgEVBq00cC6VeCV-msh9MZe5ZDArsdK3s%3D

Serger videos. I still think a Babylock Imagine is the serger to buy because the threading is so easy!!!!. BUT here, are some videos to help you get acquainted with sergers and serging. http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=f8c95083dae7cbbbdc4d7ab5f&id=9343413a33&e=aa6f2dee5f

http://ebm.e.taunton.com/c/tag/hBRi$3HAri9wOB8yU6FAuxTDd.Ari9wOUj/doc.html?t_params=I_ADSPOT_PRINTSUB_RENEW%3D0%26I_ADSPOT_THRSUBS%3D0%26I_SUBJECTLINE%3D0%26EMAIL%3Dmckenna%2540gothere.com%26FNAME%3DJANICE%26PASSWORD%3DAri9wOAuxTDdBRi%25243Hgq5noiBn6V1A%26SOURCE%3DCA Threads newsletter.

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WC-Silk and Saffron 2013.pdf

Yes, Classes Resume This WEEK !!!!!!!

Dear A-Team:

Happy Easter                 image004

Happy Easter !!!!                             Fandango Dinner 3-27-13


Check IT Out !!!!!

The Sew Show on Sunday, April 21, 2013. www.sandiegoasg.org

Fashion Week San Diego 2013. http://us5.campaign-archive2.com/?u=9ebb943208ef2905a00121ad9&id=3f48fe869a&e=c550ee33d7

Free Embroidery Designs at the bottom of the page: http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=b8tdhpdab&v=001bjW2zZbXAkspAgd_H-KQapJSU5egl_egFQ5e2YS212felgxDpGyA3uDj_zBGMU32mSEJvveXTh_-IF-bSSGxgJpXDikDdysHL_FEFPXdChk%3D Download them in the .PES format.

See U Monday or Tuesday: THIS WEEK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What Fun !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Food For Thought during the Break

Hello A-Team:

This past week before Spring break was a busy one. Check out these pictures !!!!!!!

I had some time to go over the evaluations.


I was asked why I don’t allow for lab time at the end of class. The reason is that everyone gets up and leaves when the lesson is over. Also, for the students who get out of work around 5, it takes them time to get to class, so for their sake, starting the lecture/demos at 6 gives them time to make it on time. I try not to start before 6 pm. Sometimes, I am asked to start early.

Some of you, wanted time to repeat the portfolio lesson a second time. The class is just not long enough to do this.

No, I will not supply coffee and donuts in the class. Only clear liquids are legally allowed in the classroom.

Sewing swimwear, lingerie, alterations, and dance wear are taught in Sew Like a Pro classes. Learn the basics first.

By the end of class, you should be able to read and understand a commercial pattern.


I can’t keep assignment vague. You need to complete dressform so we can move on to learn the industry method of draping. The closest I can come to being vague, is the dress you are going to make for the fashion show.

The supply requirements are as accurate as I can get them. I always find I forget things. Each class is a bit different in their needs. Some of the students want a list of things they just need to begin the course. This caused confusion for some of you. So I asterisked the items that you need on April 1. I don’t know which way is best until I run the class on April 1 and see what everyone brings.

When we begin draping on our dress forms, the class organization will change. Lectures/demos will begin at 6 pm. All the points of the class are in the text book. You will need required text on April 1.

Giving out the evaluations early in the course was NOT my idea. And I cannot change it.

I am going to try to teach Patternmaker computer patternmaking in the fall of 2013. As to bling, sequins, rhinestones, and fabric dying: this is part of the textile embellishment course. I am teaching this, this summer. You will be able to add bling to your purses.

A lot of what you want me to write on the board, is written in the syllabus – class by class.

The Classes:

April 1 is the first day back from the Break. See you all in class !!!!!

Portfolio: Last week, we learned about closures: shank and sew through buttons, snaps, hooks and eyes. We got into raw edge applique and sewing on patches. Last Thursday, we learned all bout pockets. After the Spring Break, we have 3 classes left. We will learn about hemming, zippers, and buttonholes. Your shoe boxes are due on April 9th, along with your Portfolio Grading Sheet. I always look forward to you moving on to making PJs. You will be using all the skills you learned in the Portfolio class. You are all invited to the Dutch Treat Dinner going on – Wednesday night, in El Cajon’s Tyler’s Taste of Texas. If you want more details, call me.

Draping: I know, you are all excited to finish your dress forms !!!! April first I will be teaching how to drape a bodice. Over the break, you need to do about 3 croqui pictures, finish your forms and arms. You are all as busy as I am, this week!!!!! I want to end this email with pictures of a dress form I did in 1999. I think it will help you finish your necks. My mother-in-law did NOT have any children around. This is why the neck is left loose. When I did my dress form, in 1982, I had young children. My neck needed to be tight. Sara’s too. She has young kids with tiny fingers that can get caught in things. Check out the pictures. I am sure they will help you.

If anyone wants to learn how to drape, print out the syllabus on the blog, www.sewalongwithjoanie.wordpress.com , and come prepared to drape on Monday, April 1. Yes, there are supplies you will need. I have home dress forms that belong to the school. You can use those to learn on. You are all welcome to come to the fandango dinner at Tyler’s. Call me if you want more details.

Question: Who is driving up to LA on April 6th?????? Sew Pro’s Bus has filled up. So if you are driving…..I know students who will to pay for the ride up and back…….Let me know.

Enjoy your break !!!!!

Make Money with your Skills !©

Be Safe,

Joan McKenna

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Yes, There IS Class This Week

Hi A-Team:


My computer is finally up and running. The slowdown was caused by 2 Avast add-on programs. Now that the Sandbox and Webrep were removed, I have my memory back and the computer moves the way it is supposed to…..FAST !!!!! Thanks for your patience. I think I have caught up with all my emails. I think………

Now I want to broach a serious subject: Accidents. They do happen. This one caused me to remove the “semester sign” from the wall. We can start counting semesters again, next Fall. Read the following. And I sincerely thank my student for sharing this with us!!!!!! At the bottom of the email, before I go into what is happening in the classroom, I have included pictures of ways to avoid this. Note: the idea was NOT mine. There was a student in one of my previous courses that thought of this.

From: A Student of Mine
Sent: Wednesday, March 06, 2013 8:47 AM
To: Joan McKenna
Subject: Re: Puppy update

Hi Joan,
Sami is 13 months old, past losing her baby teeth, but she is a chewer, and likes to have something in her mouth. We have several toys (stuffed creatures, nylabones, and real antlers) for her scattered around the floor so she doesn’t find the furniture or shoes to be more attractive to chew on. She finds a stick on her walk and will carry it throughout, and leave it on our doorstep til next time. We used to have ropes AKA “tug toys” around for her, but she gnaws on the loose threads and shreds the ropes. Any toy that has a loose thread is a goner, because that is the weak point of the toy. She will chew on that thread, and within minutes the toy is in pieces. In hindsight, that tomato must have seemed to Sami to be “the perfect toy”.

When I found her near the tomato, there were about 6 pins scattered about. Some were bent. This was my “old tomato” that I’d had since I started sewing, and it had little silk pins (like my mom used) in it. I didn’t know how many were on the tomato. She had a needle & thread in her mouth, the needle was dangling toward the floor, as if she’d pulled on the thread, and the needle just came along for the ride. I couldn’t tell if she had eaten more. She didn’t seem to be in pain. There was just a subtle sense that her usual contentedness wasn’t there, though I wasn’t sure if I was reading too much into her actions. She behaves the same way if she gets into something she knows she shouldn’t (such as digging up plants in the garden). I just took her in because I didn’t know, and that an x-ray is worth the cost for peace of mind. I’m thankful that I did, because as it turns out, she had a pin sitting in her stomach, which was relatively easy to get at, and will heal more easily that if it had continued on to her intestines. The other concern would be that it can perforate the lining and travel around in the body. Blech. In my brief Google search before taking her, I saw dogs with a dozen pins in them, all along the digestive tract. That was what I was imagining for her. When I saw her x-ray, I was thinking “All this for one pin!!” Anyway, I’m happy to share this info, if it can help save other pets and babies. It’s a $1200 lesson, but hopefully Sami will come out of it okay.  See Pin in Sami's Tummy                      image0021

Sami did well in surgery, will be staying overnight, and will hopefully be back home with us tomorrow afternoon. The other day Sami seemed interested in the “tomato”, and
I thought it was because it looked like a chew toy. I found out today that it is filled with sawdust!!! It probably seemed nearly irresistible to her with loose threads & wood scent!!
Thought you might want to share this with your class…
Thanks!Here is the fix:

B.A.           C.B.                  A.C.

A. This container if for half used onions tht need to be stored in the refrigerator.
B. This container stores tomatoes.

C.  C.This box is an old floppy disk box.

The Classes:

Draping: We are in the final fitting process of the dress form slipcovers. We had one student who started padding her dress form, last week. This coming week, is the final week of fittings. Don’t forget to get a fellow student to mark your soutache braid lines. Over the break, you will need to pad your dress forms. April 1, is when I start teaching how to drape. You will need your text book and all the other supplies asterick’d (*) in your syllabus supply list. You have a few weeks to finish your arm. It would help, if you could zig-zag some of the soutache braid on, before you pad your dress form. Remember the order for padding your dress form. I demo’d the process: Sew the slipcover with default stitching. Cut all seam allowances to ¾ of an inch. Clip all seams one inch apart. The form, should be set about 1 inch smaller than your measurements. Try the slip cover on the form. See where you need to pad. Measure, cut and sew your bottom drawstring pull. Pad the form. Put on the bra. Stuff the key for the form, inside the bra. Put on the cleaner’s plastic covers so you can easily slip your slipcovers on. Check your bust, waist and hip tolerances: Should be within ½ to 1 inch. You will probably need to adjust your soutache braid once the slip cover is on the form. Now is the time to cover your armholes and neck edge. Finish your soutache braid application. Finish your arm.

Portfolio: Last Tuesday, we finished our collar insertion and learned all about pleats and how to personalize them. Last Thursday, we practiced V-necklines, and learned how to read a pattern envelope by seeing a power point presentation. This coming week, we will be learning how to sew on closures, buttons, snaps, sequins, beads,patches and hooks and eyes. On Thursday, we ill be learning how to deal with patch pockets.

Free Embroidery Design Links:

http://www.urbanthreads.com/newsletter.aspx      EMI freebie !!!!

http://www.hatchedinafrica.com/detail.aspx?id=2503    St. Patrick’s Day set.

http://www.embroiderthis.com/vadayfrde.html    Valentine’s Day Designs.

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!

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Be Safe,

Joan McKenna
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Forging Ahead !!!!

Attention A-Team:

I know, the lessons are getting harder. Realize that every class builds upon the other. One of the definitions of “forging” is to advance gradually and steadily. You can also forge quickly and suddenly. The outcomes are till the same: Everything comes together in the end. Trust me. Six months from today, the lessons will sink in, as you begin to use the techniques in your everyday sewing.


I didn’t have a chance to read all the evaluations, yet. Thank you all for filling them out !!!!!


Good Stuff Happening THIS Week!!!!

Next Tuesday night, March 5th, Central Sewing is coming to demo the amazing feet for the Imagine and the Evolution. If you want to be there, you will need to sign into this course. There is plenty of space. The demonstration/lecture will start around 7 PM. This will give the Rupleys time to close up shop and grab a bite, before they come. If you were thinking about these sergers, this is the time to come and see what else they can do. I can do everything listed on the “cheat sheets” but when it comes to the accessory feet…..I am in awe !!!! Kudos goes to Jewel for bringing in her Evolution for the demonstration.


The Courses:

Draping on Body Doubles: Last week and this week, we continue with our slipcover fittings. Some of the students are ready to start the final fittings on the right side of the slipcovers. The next step will be to sew on our soutache braid. I sewed mine on by hand. BUT…last class, someone sewed it on by machine. I LOVE this technique! Within the next 2 weeks, we will be padding out our dress forms and putting our personally fitted slipcovers permanently on. Our arms will be completed, too. If some of you, want to attend this class, just to learn how to drape, you can easily slip in here. You can learn on the school’s full size dress forms. I can also bring in a couple ½ size dress forms, if you would like to learn on these. Just let me know.

The Sewing Techniques Portfolio: Last Tuesday, we learned the Corded seam, the Curved seam, the Flat Felled seam, and the Inset Right hand corner. Last Thursday, was tough. We learned how to control fullness six ways: Elastic waist casing with Ban Roll Elastic, Eased sleeve caps 2 ways, Ruffle cuff, classic Straight Stitch Rolled hem, Sleeve Insertion without puckers and tucks. It was a lot to take in. Remember….all these techniques are MUCH easier when you do them full size instead of ½ size. Next Tuesday, you will see and experience 3 different seams on the Imagine serger and one on the Evolve. (The Evolve, is the older model of the Evolution.) You will get to compare the 4-thread seam, the 3 thread seam, and the rolled hem. On the Evolve, you will see and understand what the cover stitch is. After you do all of this, the Rupleys will come and show you the rest. Make sure you have paper and pen for notes. Next Thursday, we will learn all about darts. We will also make up a collar and insert it in our ½ size bodice.


Links & More:

Free Embroideries

http://www.advanced-embroidery-designs.com/newsletter/20130304.html Gorgeous Religious Easter Embroidery. If you do not own an embroidery machine; always get your free embroideries in the .pes format – IF given the choice.

http://www.urbanthreads.com/newsletter.aspx Urban Threads has a cute Sasquatch design to grab.

http://campaign.r20.constantcontact.com/render?llr=b8tdhpdab&v=001cHaZO6NvI5UCEFoYx8ZOAnNIqJQDzuX6TvujbLCri8P85EByE2KQOx8PAWHtx6x_sJVvZp2tiQilG69-opGdxOGGek851f6N68-_yhPgWvE%3D There is a cute monster at the bottom of the page. If you go into JuJu Designs, there are a bunch of freebies there.

http://www.sewingpartsonline.com/blog/how-to-use-the-tape-stitching-foot/ This video is for you, Nancy. This foot is BETTER than the metal Binder foot that I bought for my machine. Be sure to check out the other videos concerning feet on the right hand side of the video.


Good Bra Fitting Tips

This article is from the Bra Makers Supply Newsletter.


  • should fit all the way around each breast
  • should not have flesh bulging out anywhere
  • should keep the breast inside the cup
  • should support the breast comfortably
  • should not allow any skin to rub against skin
  • should not need to be padded in order to support well


  • should encircle the breast mound completely
  • should not poke, pull or protrude
  • should not hurt to wear


  • should hold the cups in place without being too tight
  • should not ride up at the back
  • should be snug enough to engage tension on elastic
  • should not roll up, or dig into the rib cage
  • should sit on or very nearly on the breastbone


  • should not be digging into the shoulders
  • should not fall off the shoulders
  • should hold the breasts at a comfortable height
  • should not support the weight of the breasts

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Be Safe,

Joan McKenna

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Truth in the Pine Sol Commercials

Check out the shoe bottoms
Check out the shoe bottoms

Hello A-Team:

So I keep seeing that Pine Sol commercial where the lady is wearing shoes that clean her floor. And I keep thinking HOW do they dream these things up????????????

I found the following @ Wal-Mart. I just could NOT believe it !!



My pick for the best dressed at the Oscars 2013.

A note about Cleaning Irons. An iron with rough or sticky spots on its surface can be cleaned by running it, set at low, over a piece of paper with salt on it. This household hint was from the SALT Helpful Household Hints Book. Sometimes, you can get these books through Publisher’s Clearing House. And you can also enter their sweepstakes……………

Last Monday was President’s day. School was not in session. Oh yes, here is another date to mark on your calendar. The REAL Columbus Day is October 12, 1492. Thank you, for submitting this, Selenia. I received the following from Margy. Here is the truth about what happened to the US calendar. She remembered.

I knew Lincoln and Washington and Martin Luther and Cesar Chavez. Back in the late sixties they changed some of the holidays to be Monday and Fridays, to encourage people to travel and see more of the US. Now that gas is so high no one can afford to travel and so we all just get 3 day weekends. It is also cheaper for companies to turn off heat and air conditioners for 3 days rather that one day and turn everything back on for another today of work and off again. Of course we cannot change the 4th of July, or Christmas and New Year’s, or Thanksgiving (set by congress), and few others set by congress. So as you said Mark the Calendar with the correct Date and celebrate, and enjoy 3 day weekend.

Remember to sign up with Sew Pro’s for their annual bus trip to the LA Garment District and M & L Fabrics. Call Rosemary or Deanna at Clairemont for bus details: 858-270-4700.

What’s Happing in the Courses:

Draping: We only met last Wednesday. We are in the process of fitting our dress form slipcovers. This means, use ONLY basting stitches. If you don’t; UNSEWING for changes will be tough. Remember to always wear the bra you will be using on your dress form for the fittings. Remember to work on your arm, too. Angel went to the lecture at Mesa: Behind the Scenes of the Fashion Star Reality Show. She told us all that she learned a lot !!!!! This week, we will concentrate on the fittings. Next week, we should be ready to start padding out our dress forms…….

Here is a great article concerning Vintage Soutache Braid. We’re going to put this on our dress forms……… http://www.threadsmagazine.com/item/29739/a-vintage-blouse-embellished-with-soutache-braid/page/all

Portfolio Class: Last Week we learned all about seam finishes and 3 seams: the slot, classic French seam, and the serged French variation. There was also free time to catch up during Thursday’s class. Being that only 6 people stayed, I am assuming everyone is all caught up with their cutting, fusing, serging, tracing and marking. Prep work really is a lot of fun!!!!! It makes sewing so much easier. This week, we will learn 4 more seams and how to control fullness. These lessons will make it easier for you to read a pattern guide, which you will have to do when you use ‘Your First Commercial Pattern,’ starting April 11.

Links and More: Commandment #XVIII Expose Thyself to Historical and Technical Sewn Product Inspiration.

The following 2 links are from Kris. These sites are DYNAMITE costuming sites. Thank you Kris !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

http://www.cosprop.com http://www.bowers.org/index.php/learn/cut_costume_and_the_cinema

This link is from John. It will give you insight into today’s fashion designers: http://showstudio.com/collections/page:1 Real-time reportage and analysis from fashion’s most influential Collections. Thank you, John !!!!!


Found a GREAT new site to buy Quilting Fabric: www.thousandsofbolts.com .

The Latest Digital Stitches Magazine: http://www.stitches-digital.com/publication/frame.php?i=147184&p=&pn=&ver=flex

Embroidery Tip from Master Deborah Jones:

Normally, the needle type used for sewing a particular fabric crosses over to embroidering that fabric.
For instance, you sew a knit with a ball point needle and you embroider a knit with a ball point needle.
Do you know the two instances when the proper needle for sewing a particular material is not the proper needle
to embroider that fabric?

The two materials are satin and leather.
Satin is sewn with a sharp point needle, but in embroidery, there are many needle penetrations in a close proximity.
This concentration of stitches delivered by a sharp point needle can cut the floating threads on satin fabrics.
A light ball point should be used for embroidery on satin. A small blade size such as 70/10 is ideal for this lightweight fabric.

Leather is usually sewn with a “chisel”, “wedge” or “narrow wedge” needle point. These needles, also called “leather needles”,
were developed with cutting points to help make a very straight seam.
But even the needle manufacturer will tell you that these cutting point needles should NEVER be used for embroidery.
They cut your leather because of the concentration of stitches as compared to a seam. They can also cut any previously applied embroidery stitches.
For example, if you apply lettering over a fill, the stitches in the fill would be cut by the cutting points when the lettering is applied.
The best needle point for garment leather is a light ball point. It punches out a nice round hole with enough room for the thread to exit without breaking. Very thin or fragile leather should be embroidered with a sharp point needle.

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Happy President’s Day!!!!!

Hello A-Team:

Happy President’s Day!!!! I hope you all did something exciting on your extra day off!

You know, since they moved all the holidays to Mondays and Fridays, I bet that some of you do not know the real birthdays of Martin Luther King, Jr., Abraham Lincoln, Benjamin Franklin, and George Washington. They don’t even mark calendars any more with these and other important historical dates !!!!! I don’t think this is a good thing. I think it is a matter of convenience. It used to be, if a holiday fell in the middle of the week, say on a Thursday, some less honorable workers would take the holiday off and then just call in on the Friday. This made 4 day weekends anyway. So as a matter of convenience, the holiday celebrations were moved. God willing, they won’t move July 4th to make yearly 3 day weekends.

To set the record straight, here are the dates:

Martin Luther King: 1-15-1929

Benjamin Franklin: 1-17-1706 Michele Obama was also born on 1-17-1964

Abraham Lincoln: 2-12-1809

George Washington: 2-22-1732

So enjoy your 4 day weekend and mark your computer calendars – with NO end date – so you never forget what these people did for us.

Doings in the Current Courses:

Draping on Body Doubles: A Personal Shout Out to Kris! Last Monday, she took a pattern to Pt. Loma’s Kinkos and printed up 3 sleeves and a back for the other students in the class!!!!! Thank you very very much !!!! All last week, we tried on our paper slipcover patterns, and started cutting our fabric. On Wednesday, this week, we will start fitting our slipcovers to our fit models or ourselves. Remember to sew everything up with big basting stitches! I am sure…there will be a lot of unsewing and resewing to get the slipcovers to fit like a glove. Remember to put the back zipper in first, when the back is flat. It is easier this way. Again…..sew the zipper in lapped and with basting stitches. Oh, I almost forgot: Use non-matching thread. The sooner we get the dressforms covered, the sooner we can design, drape and sew our dresses for the school’s Silk and Saffron Fashion Show on May 17th.

Sewing Fundamentals: Portfolio: Last Tuesday, we learned how to care of the school’s and your own personal sewing machines. I also handed out a “cheat sheet” for fusing, serging and marking your portfolio patterns. I am hoping this made the sewing prep work go easier. Many of you have read the Portfolio Instructions. I just didn’t think the prep work to sewing was covered clear enough. Prep work is the backbone to sewing. If you do your prep work, and pattern fittings when you are making a garment, everything will come out terrifically!!!! Last Thursday, we finished up our sewing prep work, and practiced needle down turns, circles, and lines all with back stitching. We also made our first 7 seams. The outcomes from this class got you 10 points on your Sewing Techniques Grading Sheet!!!! On Tuesday, this week, we will be studying and sewing seam finishes including serging, which you should not be afraid of anymore. On Thursday, we will start doing some interesting seams. Come to class and learn !!!!!

A question also came up. Buying your First Sewing Machine. As you all know, I am prejudice concerning sewing machines. I have my favorites. In time, so will you. NOT wanting to do the leg work to buy your first sewing machine is NOT an option. You need to see what is being offered on the market. I know, you are not going to buy top of the line. I know you should NOT buy from a BIG BOX store. You need to find a dealer who will work with you. Read what Sew Pro’s has to say in the right hand column concerning buying your first sewing machine. Pfaffs and Berninas are top of the line. Janome is the easiest machines to work. Brother and Elna all have low end models. So does Babylock. I love what Babylock has to offer. You can get them in Paradise, in Poway or in El Cajon at Central. They have new straight machines for less than $500 that will do all that you need, at the moment. And then….as your skills grow and your sewing machine wish list gets longer, you may be able to trade your machine in, for a newer more featured machine. I say maybe, because once you decide to trade in your machine, you will have others knocking at your door….ready to take your old machine off your hands. So from the bottom of my heart, I tell you….do the MIRACLE 10 MILES OF SEWING MACHINES. See what is new. AND LOOK AT WHAT THEY HAVE IN THE USED DEPARTMENT. You will get more bang for your buck, if you buy a used machine. And you will get to know your dealer. THIS EXPERIENCE IS THE MOST VALUE PART OF LOOKING FOR A MACHINE. You will decide if you trust the dealer. And if you can….this is the right fit for you !!!!

************************************I am still working on the Lecture: Behind the Scenes of the Fashion Star Reality Show. I have asked more questions. If the answers I get are in YOUR favor, I will e-write the A-Team again. It’s going to be tight. The lecture will be given at Mesa, on Wednesday, February 20th, 2013 late in the afternoon.

Links and Reads

::This is an article that should NEVER have happened:: The fact that it happened in a major hotel chain makes this story even more damaging.

The article was from Skeldale House Designs dated: 2-18-2013.

I do not normally do this but maybe this does need to be passed on

Last Monday night my niece Corrie Adolph was sexually assaulted while on holiday in Mexico In her words

"I have struggled with speaking up, as I am sure many woman do, but abuse won’t stop if we don’t speak up…On Monday night I was sexually assaulted by the bellboy at my resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. When I reported it to management, they spent more time trying to figure out how many drinks I had than to find the culprit. (I had three BTW over 4 hours), but even if I had 30, there is NO EXCUSE to sexually assault someone. Pls help me spread the word, and let’s put some pressure on the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar to create better policies to protect solo women travelers. Please repost, and lets raise our voices against sexual assault, and give other women courage to speak up!

Thanks folks, really I am fine, and I so appreciate your well wishes. Please take a minute to post on your Facebook and Twitter accounts a Warning about the Sheraton Hacienda Del Mar in Cabo San Lucas. Only with widespread bad press can we force them to change their policy on how they treat women who come forward."

Sheraton facebook


I give you all permission to pass this on to as many venues as possible.

“Bell bottom G” applique. Enjoy. http://www.skeldalehouse.com

http://nutritionfacts.org/video/are-cats-or-dogs-more-protective-for-childrens-health/?utm_source=rss&utm_medium=rss&utm_campaign=are-cats-or-dogs-more-protective-for-childrens-health&utm_source=NutritionFacts.org&utm_campaign=fc024b2a3d-RSS_VIDEO_DAILY&utm_medium=email Are Cats or Dogs More Protective For Children’s Health?

Thank you for sending this, Kirsty !!!! She just discovered that San Diego has a fashion week. There will be a runway show and everything. Ii think it would be really cool to see one in person. http://fashionweeksd.com/c

http://www.freetrademagazines.com/computers-information-technology-magazines/?cid=7877 Interesting Free Trade Magazines.

See you all in class this week !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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