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Hello A-Team: 

This is the first blog post I am writing for the new website.  There is still so MUCH I need to learn.  Note:  Next week, there will be no blog.  I will be at the American Sewing Guild Convention.  This is being held at the Town and Country in Mission Valley.  To go to the exhibit hall, any time it is open this weekend, ONLY costs $5.  Parking is $10 a car.  Check the site for more details:   Pack the car with your friends, come and see what is new in the home sewing world !!!!!   

Last week in our summer Sewing Fundamentals course, we learned some amazing things.  There was one complete class on pattern making and sewing pleats, release tucks, and kick pleats.  We learned how to sew patch and inseam inset pockets.  Mastering machine and hand hemming was also taught.  Last Thursday, was zipper class.  There was quite the education on 3 zipper types:  lapped, exposed and invisible.  

This weekend I know, you are all finishing up your portfolios.  They are due during Monday night’s class.  Note that you only need 69 samples out of the 85 that we did.  And the reason why there are so many samples, is that in this class, we did 8 extra samples.  How exciting !!!!  You ALL have learned ALOT !!!!  

During Monday’s class you will be practicing buttonholes on woven and knit fabric while I grade your portfolios.  Tuesday’s class is our Personal Image Class.  Learn about your personal colors and style.  On Wednesday,  we will start anew with our Commercial Pattern second project.  You will learn how to read a pattern guide.  (There is much to say about pattern guides.)  You will use many of the skills you acquired while making your Sewing Techniques Portfolio.  In this way, you get to do all the prep for a second time.  As an instructor, I want to lessons to ‘enter the file cabinets of your mind’….forever !!!!!    

Here is an interesting tidbit from Hungry Girl with links that I think you will enjoy. Hungry Girl is my FAVORITE SITE for diet and health tips.  Check them out !!!!!! 

The Buzz…

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See you all in class !!!!        


Best Weekend @ the Swap Meet !!!!

Hello A-Team:

On Saturday, I got the chance to go to the National City Swap Meet with Jaci Gibson Henrie, a GREAT fellow instructor. They have great bargains there !!!!! NEVER go without CASH and a LIST of your needs……………….

I am sure you have noticed: Due to our low enrollment numbers, I am opening my Tuesday/Thursday class, for anyone who just wants to come and sew. If you know anyone who wants to just come and sew….please let me know.

The classes:

In Portfolio: Last week we learned 7 difference kinds of seams. This week, we’re going to learn about easing and elastic. On Thursday, we will learn a lot about our sergers and what they can do to make your sewing easier. For this class, you need to come SAFELY on time.

In Patternmaking: we had a grand time last week draping our slopers. This week, we will turn our 5 pattern pieces into ½ size production slopers. I packed the manila paper into my car on Saturday. I am just so excited to show you how to do this. It’s just SO easy !!!!!!

Video Mania: See how to Make Free Standing Christmas Ornaments.

Real Age Health videos: There is a bunch of them here.

Free Embroideries: Download another Lombardie letter in PES format: “O” CUTE birdie freebie. Download it in PES. Make sure you get the one that is less than 4 inches by 4 inches. (100 cm x 100 cm) Or in the size that fits your hoop.

Remember to sign up for Central’s Anita Goodesign event. (November 3 and 4th) 619-227-3244

See you all in class this week !!!!!!

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