Captain America

Hello A-Team !!!!

You know, after Thursday night’s class, I just had to look up what Captain America’s Shield really looked like. On this holiday weekend, I just thought this was very appropriate. I also saw a movie this weekend: “Jersey Boys.” It was about overcoming adversity, pursing the American Dream and all the realities that go with it. I really liked it. What was really cool, was the coming attraction trailers. There will be a movie coming out this fall entitled “The Judge.” Here is a motivational quote from the trailer. Sometimes you need to forgive to be forgiven………………….

Portfolio Class: Last week we did 10 seams. This coming Tuesday, we will learn what else sergers can do. You will be able to compare the stitches on bias, straight grain and knit. It will be an interesting class. I will also be showing a power point on how to read a pattern envelope. Thursday will practice with elastic and we will learn how to sew in sleeves in our bodice.

First Pattern Class: Last week, we put together the back, front and yoke of our shirt. We learned how to make pockets, but we didn’t get a chance to learn how to put them on our shirts. So this is where I will begin in Monday night’s class. We will also be sewing up our side seams and inserting our sleeves. I want to throw in a little patternmaking. Some of you wanted to know how to raise your sleeve onto your shoulders. The deal is….if you do one thing… will affect other things. I will need extra time to show you this. This means that I will be starting my demo/practice at 5:30 PM. I will need more time to throw in the patternmaking. On Thursday, we will be inserting our front bands. This is a BIG week for this class. It would be best if you come on time………………….

The Center for Pattern Design has a great blog. Here is part of it that I received last Thursday. I highly recommend signing up for their blog !!!!

       Le Petit Théatre Dior:
If ever you were in the slightest doubt of the glory of half scale, click onto this Dior show.   

   Bias Cut Blueprints: A terrific book, available at Fashion Harmony, by Julianne Bramson and Susan Lenahan, two more Vionnet fans, on bias geometric cutting. They prove that it is easy and interesting every time! And this one is great for those starting out — most all cuts are straight grain but worn on the bias.

   Bootstrap Fashion: This is pattern downloading on steroids — lots of great designs, low prices, custom sizing and the bugs worked out. Hope it       works and people will buy sewing machines and take lessons like crazy, completely overcome with the urge to make dreamy dresses real. There’s       nothing like that feeling!

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